Brush With Many Colors
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You know who I didn't mention above? My Mom. And that's where it all started...Knowingly or not, she taught me to love Color, even when eating she would say "It's best if you eat a COLORFUL plate of food. Then you know you are eating healthy."

Color makes everything more FUN!!  Don't you think?

I love putting colors on paper, on fabric, on cement! We live in a world of color so leaving something white just seems to me like something Not Finished.... a blank canvas waiting for someone to create colorful things on it. I feel that colors are in our lives for a reason... so I like to use them... and share them.

I have loved art of MANY types since I was a child making posters for the church rummage sales and battle of the bands. I would help paint clowns on large plywood boards for beanbag toss, and in high school I got to assist the art teacher (loved that)....I took pottery in college.... spent time drawing, painting, even dabbled in Art Therapy for a while... sign making, business card design, made jewelry, stained glass, many many areas where c o l o r is found.

I used to think I was not a very good painter because my paintings didn't look very realistic... or sometimes even child-like. But after an art teacher looked at a couple she said my style is more abstract or Impressionism than realism. Yes, it takes All Kinds to make up the art world, so don't despair if yours doesn't look like you think (or someone else thinks) it "Should"... There is NO SHOULD in art.  It is.... what it is. And all art is important.

FUN is also important, and I like to make sure that people are having F-U-N!!

                                        Remember this: 

If you never TRY to take great opportunities,

or ALLOW your dreams to become realities,

you will never unleash your true potential.


And the world will never benefit

from what you could have achieved.

-Author Unknown

So GO FOR IT!  TRY SOMETHING NEW! I keep another saying over my desk:


I hope you will travel some of these journeys with me. You never know what you can do until you try!

And by all means don't judge your art

by someone else's opinion of it,

it's YOUR art, if YOU like it, It Is Good!